Sopebox is a social online political engagement tool.  Our founding team believes that, as Americans, we have much more in common than the divisions that have created the current hyper-partisan political environment.

Sopebox.org was created to provide a platform to connect with civically engaged citizens to discuss policy and ideas, access useful and up-to-date voter resources and establish a direct line of communication with our elected officials.  We believe that by breaking out of our own information silos, we can find solutions to the many problems that we face as a nation.

We are the sons and daughters that built and fought for this country.  We are the fathers and mothers of this nation’s future.  We are neighbors that embrace each other’s differences.  We are not afraid of opposing perspectives and honest debate.  We are not afraid of the truth.  We believe that through the marketplace of ideas we can truly create a more perfect union.     

Please contact us at hello@sopebox.org with any questions or suggestions about the site.